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Down Syndrome Reading Profiles Study Resources Site

Welcome to the Down Syndrome Reading Profiles Study resources site.  Here you will find links to a growing list of instructional resources and guidance as to which children will benefit most from which strategies, technologies, and materials. 


Thank you for your participation in this study.  Please contact David Koppenhaver (koppenhaverd@appstate.edu, dave.litdis at Skype, or 828-262-6074) if you have any questions or concerns at any time. 


Resources Linked to Specific Reading Profiles

The table below provides links to a description, general instructional goals, instructional strategies, and resources to support the literacy learning of children with different reading profiles.  These profiles are based on identifying a child's area of greatest need.  As we meet students in the study, complete their assessments, and identify their profiles, we add information to the relevant profile. 


Emergent Readers
Word Identification Red

Word Identification Blue


Word Identification Green
Word Identification Orange

Word Identification Purple


Word Identification Black
Language Comprehension Orange

Language Comprehension Green


Language Comprehension Red
Language Comprehension Blue

Print Processing Green


Print Processing Orange
Print Processing Blue
General Literacy Resources


Four-Block Instructional Resources

(Note:  Prices are those found in recent Amazon searches and may vary on the day you search.  We have attempted to provide you with the most inexpensive options.)


The Teacher's Guide to the Four Blocks by Patricia Cunningham, Dorothy Hall, and Cheryl Sigmon is the easiest-to-read, plain English explanation of the Four-Block Model of comprehensive instruction.  It is also available for $.01 used at Amazon (+$3.99 postage). 


Children with Disabilities:  Reading and Writing the Four-Blocks Way by Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver presents the same model with specific applications for students with disabilities.  $14.19 used at Amazon + postage.  Also available as $14.99 e-book from Carson-Dellosa.


Guided Reading
Self-Directed Reading


General Literacy and Education Resources


Cheryl Jorgensen composed a wonderful discussion of inclusion in two parts for the National Down Syndrome Congress.  Part I is entitled, "Inclusion Works! Inspiration and Information to Counter Arguments against Inclusive Education for Students with Down Syndrome."  Part II has the same title and is linked here.





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