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Language Comprehension Orange

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Listening comprehension is at the primer level or lower.


Instructional Focus

Teach students to make connections while reading and/or listening to text.  Focus on early text-to-self and text-to-world type connections.  Maximize interactions while reading the text.  Use a variety of listening, echo reading, choral reading, and silent reading formats.


Instructional Strategies, Materials, and Other Resources

(much more to come)


Instructional Strategies





Manzo’s REQUEST (reciprocal questioning) procedure is a useful strategy for teaching children how to ask and answer questions.  Start with a short text (a poem of a couple of verses, or a paragraph) at the preprimer level.  Read the first sentence chorally with the child.  Model how to ask a “what” or a “who” question, since these are the two easiest questions to ask and understand developmentally.  Have the child then ask you a “what” or a “who” question.  Read the second sentence chorally and repeat.  Continue the process of having each partner ask and answer a question for each sentence. 



Text Sources for Guided Reading and Guided Listening Activities



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