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CROWD in the CAR

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Shared Reading Strategy:

CROWD in the CAR



  • Lead or model with a Comment. Stop and wait a few seconds for the child to respond.
  • Ask a question. Stop and wait a few seconds for the child to respond.
  • Respond by adding more information regardless of whether the child responds or not. 


CROWD: When you become comfortable using the CAR acronym to guide interactions in a storybook with your child, you might consider replacing the A in CAR with CROWD, five different ways of seeking information. 

  • Completion: Leave a blank at the end of a statement and allow the child to fill it in. This type is commonly used with rhyming texts or books with repetitive phrases (Ex. Brown Bear, Brown Bear). 
  • Recall: Questions about what happened in a portion of the text that was just read. "Tell me what brown bear just saw."
  • Open-Ended: Questions without a specific right or wrong answer. These questions can often focus on what is happening in the illustrations. "Tell me what is happening on this page or in this picture."
  • Wh- questions: These questions begin with the words, who-what-when-where-why-how. Often, these questions focus on the illustrations as well.   "What does Brown Bear see?"
  • Distance: Questions that help children make connections between the book and their lives or the book and the real world.  "We saw animals looking at Brown Bear in the story. What animals did you see at the zoo?"



Here are two videos a mother created on Youtube modeling the CAR, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1taE51T38Lg, and CROWD, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKTKNfc8s9Q, strategies.


Drawing below created by Corrine Gandy Watson, 2008.



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